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Pani Minister
Panowie Posłowie i Senatorowie
Panie Rektorze,
Dostojni Goście,
Drodzy koledzy,

Pani Minister, do Pani kieruję pierwsze słowa i dziękuję, że jest Pani z nami. Rozumiemy, że Pan Minister nie mógł przybyć. Proszę zapewnić go, że wszystkie kraje reprezentowane tutaj deklarują wolę kooperacji i przekazać nasze najlepsze życzenia.

J’ai l’honneur cette année d’ouvrir cette réception au nom des 12 organisateurs : Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Danemark, Espagne, France, Hongrie, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas, République Tchèque, rejoints par nos collègues de la Représentation de Flandres et de Nouvelle Zélande.

This beautiful evening, already organized for the fourteenth time, has become a good tradition: it is for us an opportunity to host Polish personalities and Polish colleagues from ministries, technical institutes and universities, related to the field of agriculture. We want to thank you by offering some emblematic products from their agricultural traditions, either beers, wines, cheeses and culinary specialities.
This is a gourmet event. The “savoir vivre” of the professionals in agriculture is well known.

I am glad to see that our community in agriculture goes beyond the European Union member states and regions with, this year, our colleagues from New Zealand.
For all these years, we were guests of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences: that is why, I would like to thank the Rector, who, like me, recently took over its functions, for this hospitality and our strong cooperation.

Poland is a big agricultural country: agriculture is the everyday work of a large part of the Polish population. Together with the food industry, agriculture represents almost 7% of Polish GDP and is a strong exporting sector: France cannot deny it, because our deficit in bilateral trade of agri-food products is almost of one billion euros.
Agriculture is also for France a dynamic component of our cooperation with Poland within the European Union, but also in the framework of the Weimar triangle with Germany. This format has brought a big contribution during the two Weimar agricultural meetings organized this year.

More generally, Polish agriculture is in a phase of full development, with the support of EU funds. We are really impressed by this transformation that strengthens Europe which is never as strong when it allows each country to find its own way to success.
Finally, I would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Many good, professional and personal, harvests in 2017.

opublikowano 08/12/2016

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