Przemówienie z okazji podpisania umowy o współpracy między AGH i Thalèsem (j. angielski)

Discours à l’occasion de la signature de l’accord de coopération entre AGH et THALES (en anglais)

Dear Rector,
Dear Chief technical officer of Thales group,
Dear Director of THALES Polska,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like first to thank AGH, Kraków University of Science and Technology and its Rector, Professor Tadeusz Słomka, to welcome us for this important event in the scientific and academic cooperation between Poland and France. AGH is among the best Polish universities, and a model in Poland for the development of links with the world of business and technology transfer, and it is not surprising that THALES has chosen this university to establish its first partnership in Poland.
The formation and training of an elite bearing a dual Polish and French culture is a priority of the Embassy of France in Poland and for the Institut français de Pologne. Scientific and academic exchanges widely contribute to this goal. It is also essential for us to support French companies such as THALES in their developments in Poland, in all sectors.

This is why I welcome the development of the scientific cooperation operated by THALES in Poland, and why I am pleased and enthusiastic about the signature today of a cooperation agreement between THALES and AGH.

The Institut français de Pologne and the Embassy confirm their commitment to the AGH-THALES partnership with the creation of two scholarships co-financed by THALES, the Embassy and the Institut français, to support the mobility of AGH students to France.
I am also delighted that new THALES co-financed scholarships are planned for the next three years for Polish students.

I am pretty sure that the partnership of AGH, THALES, the French Embassy and the Institut français de Pologne will produce scientific wealth, and allow the formation of European scientists that Europe needs for its technological and industrial development. I wish you great scientific achievements!

Thank you for your attention.

opublikowano 02/12/2014

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